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Daniel Kaluuya Daniel Kaluuya is an actor who was born in London, England in 24/02/1989 and is now 33 years old. Daniel Kaluuya has a net worth of $15 Million.

How old is Daniel Kaluuya?

Daniel Kaluuya is 33 years old.

What is Daniel Kaluuya Net Worth?

Daniel Kaluuya's net worth is $15 Million.

What is Daniel Kaluuya Birthday?

Daniel Kaluuya's birthday is 24/02/1989.

What is Daniel Kaluuya Zodiac Sign?

Daniel Kaluuya's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Daniel Kaluuya's Real Birth Name?

Daniel Kaluuya's real birth name is Daniel Kaluuya.

Where is Daniel Kaluuya's Birthplace?

Daniel Kaluuya's birthplace is London, England.

How Tall is Daniel Kaluuya?

Daniel Kaluuya height is 5'7''.

What is Daniel Kaluuya Nationality?

Daniel Kaluuya nationality is .

What are Daniel Kaluuya's Professions?

Daniel Kaluuya's professions are Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Writer.

Who is Daniel Kaluuya?

Daniel Kaluuya is a British actor and writer. Kaluuya began his acting career as a teenager in improvisational theatre. He subsequently portrayed Posh Kenneth in the first two seasons of the television series Skins; he also co-wrote some of the episodes. Kaluuya was particularly praised for his leading performance in Sucker Punch at the Royal Court Theatre in London and he won both the Evening Standard Award and Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Outstanding Newcomer.In 2018, he received the BAFTA Rising Star Award. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, Kaluuya gained further notice for his performances as Michael "Tealeaf" Fry in the BBC dark comedy series Psychoville, Michael "Mac" Armstrong in the BBC Three horror drama series The Fades, Barclay in the Doctor Who Easter special "Planet of the Dead", and Bingham "Bing" Madsen in the Black Mirror episode "Fifteen Million Merits". He appeared as Agent Colin Tucker in the 2011 spy action comedy film Johnny English Reborn and as Black Death in the 2013 superhero film Kick-Ass 2. In 2015, he had a supporting role in Denis Villeneuve's thriller film Sicario. In 2017, Kaluuya achieved a career breakthrough after starring in Jordan Peele's popular horror film Get Out, which garnered him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. This was followed by roles in Ryan Coogler's superhero film Black Panther (2018), Steve McQueen's heist film Widows (2018), and Melina Matsoukas's romantic road crime film Queen & Slim (2019). For his portrayal of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah (2021), he won the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Critics' Choice Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor. At age 32, Kaluuya became the seventh-youngest winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is the first British actor of African heritage to win an Academy Award

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