Daniel Wiffen

Daniel Wiffen is an athlete who was born in Ireland in 14/07/2001 and is now 23 years old. Daniel Wiffen has a net worth of $200 Thousand.

What is Daniel Wiffen Net Worth?

Daniel Wiffen's net worth is US $200 Thousand.

Who is Daniel Wiffen?

Daniel Wiffen (born 14 July 2001) is an Irish swimmer and current 800m freestyle short-course world record holder with a time of 7:20.46.He represents Ireland at Olympic, World and European level, and Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games. Swimming for Ireland, he is the 2023 European short-course (25-metre pool) champion over 400, 800 and 1500 metre freestyle, the first swimmer representing Ireland to win European short-course gold. In the 2022 Commonwealth Games he won the silver medal for Northern Ireland in the 1500 metre freestyle.

He competed in the men’s 800 metre freestyle and 1500 metre freestyle at the 2020 Summer Olympics. In December 2022, he broke the European record for the 800 metres freestyle short course, becoming the first Irishman to hold a recognised European record in swimming. At the 2023 World Aquatics Championships, he broke the European record for the 800 metres long course as well.

He is also the inaugural 2023 European under-23 champion over 1500 metres freestyle.

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How old is Daniel Wiffen?

Daniel Wiffen is 23 years old.

What is Daniel Wiffen Birthday?

Daniel Wiffen's birthday is 14/07/2001.

What is Daniel Wiffen Zodiac Sign?

Daniel Wiffen's zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is Daniel Wiffen's Real Birth Name?

Daniel Wiffen's real birth name is Daniel Wiffen.

Where is Daniel Wiffen's Birthplace?

Daniel Wiffen's birthplace is Ireland.

How Tall is Daniel Wiffen?

Daniel Wiffen height is 6'2'' (187.96 cm).

What is Daniel Wiffen Nationality?

Daniel Wiffen nationality is .

What are Daniel Wiffen's Professions?

Daniel Wiffen's professions are Swimmer.

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