DDG is a musician who was born in Pontiac, Michigan, U.S. in 10/10/1997 and is now 27 years old. DDG has a net worth of $3 Million.

What is DDG Net Worth?

DDG's net worth is US $3 Million.

Who is DDG?

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. known professionally as PontiacMadeDDG or simply DDG, is an American rapper, singer, and YouTuber. He started making videos in 2014 while in high school. After graduating high school in 2015, DDG expanded his brand and content with vlogs on YouTube while he attended Central Michigan University. Eventually, he dropped out of college a year later to focus on his YouTube and music career. In 2018, he signed to Epic Records, and later in 2020, he founded his own record label, Zooted Music, with longtime managers Eric O'Connor and Dimitri Hu

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How old is DDG?

DDG is 27 years old.

What is DDG Birthday?

DDG's birthday is 10/10/1997.

What is DDG Zodiac Sign?

DDG's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is DDG's Real Birth Name?

DDG's real birth name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr..

Where is DDG's Birthplace?

DDG's birthplace is Pontiac, Michigan, U.S..

How Tall is DDG?

DDG height is 5'8'' (172.72 cm).

What is DDG Nationality?

DDG nationality is .

What are DDG's Professions?

DDG's professions are Musician, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, YouTuber.

Who is DDG's Partner(s)?

Kennedy Cymone

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