Dess Dior

Dess Dior is a musician who was born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. in 02/11/1998 and is now 26 years old. Dess Dior has a net worth of $4 Million.

What is Dess Dior Net Worth?

Dess Dior's net worth is US $4 Million.

How old is Dess Dior?

Dess Dior is 26 years old.

What is Dess Dior Birthday?

Dess Dior's birthday is 02/11/1998.

What is Dess Dior Zodiac Sign?

Dess Dior's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Dess Dior's Real Birth Name?

Dess Dior's real birth name is Dess Dior.

Where is Dess Dior's Birthplace?

Dess Dior's birthplace is St. Louis, Missouri, U.S..

How Tall is Dess Dior?

Dess Dior height is 5'5'' (165.1 cm).

What is Dess Dior Nationality?

Dess Dior nationality is .

What are Dess Dior's Professions?

Dess Dior's professions are Musician, Rapper.

Who is Dess Dior's Spouse(s)?

Dess Dior, a well-known rapper from America, has recently gained attention for her association with rapper Future. She initially started her career through YouTube, gradually gaining followers on Instagram, where she eventually became a successful rapper and internet personality.

Dess Dior is recognized for her songs like “Stop Playin'” and “Bandz.” Her popularity has soared, leading to her amassing over 2 million followers on Instagram. Her rise to prominence showcases her talent and appeal within the hip-hop and rap scene.

Who is Dess Dior's Partner(s)?


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