Devin Ratray

Devin Ratray is an actor who was born in New York City, U.S. in 11/01/1977 and is now 47 years old. Devin Ratray has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Devin Ratray Net Worth?

Devin Ratray's net worth is US $1 Million.

Who is Devin Ratray?

Devin D. Ratray (born January 11, 1977) is an American actor. He is known for his role as Buzz McCallister in the Home Alone franchise, as well as the films Nebraska, Blue Ruin and Kimi. His television work includes The Tick and Better Call Saul.


How old is Devin Ratray?

Devin Ratray is 47 years old.

What is Devin Ratray Birthday?

Devin Ratray's birthday is 11/01/1977.

What is Devin Ratray Zodiac Sign?

Devin Ratray's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Devin Ratray's Real Birth Name?

Devin Ratray's real birth name is Devin D. Ratray.

Where is Devin Ratray's Birthplace?

Devin Ratray's birthplace is New York City, U.S..

How Tall is Devin Ratray?

Devin Ratray height is 6'1'' (185.42 cm).

What is Devin Ratray Nationality?

Devin Ratray nationality is .

What are Devin Ratray's Professions?

Devin Ratray's professions are Actor.

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