Drew Basile

Drew Basile is a TV person who was born in Philadelphia, PA in 25/09/2000 and is now 24 years old. Drew Basile has a net worth of $500 Thousand.

What is Drew Basile Net Worth?

Drew Basile's net worth is US $500 Thousand.

Who is Drew Basile?

Drew Basile, a contestant on Survivor 45, sees Survivor as the ultimate test of character. Motivated by the transformative experiences of others on the show, he views it as a unique opportunity to measure his own personal growth. Having worked hard to shape himself into the person he is today, Drew is eager to put his character and abilities to the test in the challenging and strategic environment of Survivor. For him, participating in the game is not just a chance to compete but a reflection of his journey and an opportunity to discover the extent of his own resilience and adaptability.


How old is Drew Basile?

Drew Basile is 24 years old.

What is Drew Basile Birthday?

Drew Basile's birthday is 25/09/2000.

What is Drew Basile Zodiac Sign?

Drew Basile's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Drew Basile's Real Birth Name?

Drew Basile's real birth name is Drew Basile.

Where is Drew Basile's Birthplace?

Drew Basile's birthplace is Philadelphia, PA.

How Tall is Drew Basile?

Drew Basile height is 6'2'' (187.96 cm).

What is Drew Basile Nationality?

Drew Basile nationality is .

What are Drew Basile's Professions?

Drew Basile's professions are TV Person.

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