Elvis Duran Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Elvis Duran Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Elvis Duran is an anchor who was born in McKinney, Texas, U.S. in 04/08/1964 and is now 59 years old. Elvis Duran has a net worth of $20 Million.

What is Elvis Duran Net Worth?

Elvis Duran's net worth is 20 Million.

How old is Elvis Duran?

Elvis Duran is 59 years old.

What is Elvis Duran Birthday?

Elvis Duran's birthday is 04/08/1964.

What is Elvis Duran Zodiac Sign?

Elvis Duran's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Elvis Duran's Real Birth Name?

Elvis Duran's real birth name is Elvis Duran.

Where is Elvis Duran's Birthplace?

Elvis Duran's birthplace is McKinney, Texas, U.S..

How Tall is Elvis Duran?

Elvis Duran height is 5'7''.

What is Elvis Duran Nationality?

Elvis Duran nationality is .

What are Elvis Duran's Professions?

Elvis Duran's professions are Presenter, Radio Personality.

Who is Elvis Duran's Spouse(s)?

Alex Carr ​(m. 2019)

Who is Elvis Duran?

Elvis Duran is an American radio personality. He is the host of the daily morning radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in New York on Z100 and in syndication on Premiere Networks.

Before his job at Z100, Duran’s previous radio work included a stint as an on-air personality at WIOQ in Philadelphia. He served as WIOQ’s program director from May 1989 until just before he was fired in February 1990. In October 1991, Duran became both the program director and morning show host of KBTS (now KGSR) in Austin, Texas.

Prior to working at Z100, Duran also worked evenings at Z-93 with sidekick “Hot Henrietta” in Atlanta, and at Power 104 KRBE in Houston. He began his run at Z100 hosting the afternoon slot until April 1996, when Tom Poleman, the newly appointed program director (previously at KRBE Houston), moved Duran to the morning slot, where he has been ever since.

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