Frank Warren Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Frank Warren Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Frank Warren is a business person who was born in Islington, London, United Kingdom in 28/02/1952 and is now 71 years old. Frank Warren has a net worth of $15 Million.

What is Frank Warren Net Worth?

Frank Warren's net worth is 15 Million.

How old is Frank Warren?

Frank Warren is 71 years old.

What is Frank Warren Birthday?

Frank Warren's birthday is 28/02/1952.

What is Frank Warren Zodiac Sign?

Frank Warren's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Frank Warren's Real Birth Name?

Frank Warren's real birth name is Frank Warren.

Where is Frank Warren's Birthplace?

Frank Warren's birthplace is Islington, London, United Kingdom.

How Tall is Frank Warren?

Frank Warren height is 5'9'' (175.26 cm).

What is Frank Warren Nationality?

Frank Warren nationality is .

What are Frank Warren's Professions?

Frank Warren's professions are Boxing Manager, Boxing Promote.

Who is Frank Warren?

Frank Warren (born 28 February 1952) is an English boxing manager and promoter. Warren and his son George own and run Queensberry Promotions. Warren was also a founder of the British boxing television channel BoxNation which ran for over 11 years from 2012.

Frank Warren has promoted and managed world champions and top ranked fighters including Naseem Hamed, Frank Bruno, Tyson Fury, Josh Warrington, Joe Calzaghe, Nigel Benn, Billy Joe Saunders, Steve Collins, Chris Eubank, Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton.

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