Gretchen Geraghty Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Gretchen Geraghty Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Gretchen Geraghty is a social media celebrity who was born in Albany, NY in 11/03/1997 and is now 26 years old. Gretchen Geraghty has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Gretchen Geraghty Net Worth?

Gretchen Geraghty's net worth is 1 Million.

How old is Gretchen Geraghty?

Gretchen Geraghty is 26 years old.

What is Gretchen Geraghty Birthday?

Gretchen Geraghty's birthday is 11/03/1997.

What is Gretchen Geraghty Zodiac Sign?

Gretchen Geraghty's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Gretchen Geraghty's Real Birth Name?

Gretchen Geraghty's real birth name is Gretchen Geraghty.

Where is Gretchen Geraghty's Birthplace?

Gretchen Geraghty's birthplace is Albany, NY.

How Tall is Gretchen Geraghty?

Gretchen Geraghty height is 5'4''.

What is Gretchen Geraghty Nationality?

Gretchen Geraghty nationality is .

What are Gretchen Geraghty's Professions?

Gretchen Geraghty's professions are Social Media Personality, YouTuber.

Who is Gretchen Geraghty?

Gretchen Geraghty, a prominent figure in the realm of YouTube, specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content, attracting a dedicated audience that has propelled her self-titled channel to over 370,000 subscribers. Previously recognized as GretchenLovesBeauty, she embarked on her online journey by sharing her passion for makeup and fashion during her high school years, an endeavor that quickly garnered her a supportive and engaged viewership.

Taking a step beyond her digital pursuits, Gretchen Geraghty embarked on her academic venture at Boston University in the fall of 2015. Simultaneously, she became an active member of the university’s rowing team, showcasing her commitment to both her studies and extracurricular interests.

Originating from Albany, New York, Gretchen Geraghty boasts a twin sister named Lucy, and her romantic history includes a previous relationship with Justin. Presently, her heart belongs to hockey player Max Willman. Gretchen also maintains a strong friendship with Arlin Moore, who shares her ties to Boston University.

While the information provided is accurate as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, I recommend consulting more recent sources to stay abreast of any developments or changes in Gretchen Geraghty’s life and digital pursuits.

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