İzzet Yüksek Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

İzzet Yüksek Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

İzzet Yüksek is an actor who was born in İstanbul, Türkiye in 01/01/2000 and is now 23 years old. İzzet Yüksek has a net worth of $100 Thousand.

What is İzzet Yüksek Net Worth?

İzzet Yüksek's net worth is 100 Thousand.

How old is İzzet Yüksek?

İzzet Yüksek is 23 years old.

What is İzzet Yüksek Birthday?

İzzet Yüksek's birthday is 01/01/2000.

What is İzzet Yüksek Zodiac Sign?

İzzet Yüksek's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is İzzet Yüksek's Real Birth Name?

İzzet Yüksek's real birth name is İzzet Yüksek.

Where is İzzet Yüksek's Birthplace?

İzzet Yüksek's birthplace is İstanbul, Türkiye.

How Tall is İzzet Yüksek?

İzzet Yüksek height is 5'9'' (175.26 cm).

What is İzzet Yüksek Nationality?

İzzet Yüksek nationality is .

What are İzzet Yüksek's Professions?

İzzet Yüksek's professions are Actor.

Who is İzzet Yüksek?

Born in 2000, handsome actor İzzet Yüksek continues his acting career under the management of Nuray Saygınöz agency. He starred in the TV series “Duy Beni” which was aired on Star TV in 2022, marking his first acting experience. He acted alongside Dilara Sümbül, Jasmine Berkiş, Aytaç Uşun, Ege Kökenli, Taha Bora Elkoca, Caner Topçu, Sümeyye Aydoğan, and Meltem Akçöl in the series.

In addition to his acting identity, İzzet Yüksek is also a well-known figure in the world of social media, particularly through his TikTok content. He is actively using Instagram and TikTok platforms.

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