James Acaster

James Acaster is a comedian who was born in Kettering, England in 09/01/1985 and is now 39 years old. James Acaster has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is James Acaster Net Worth?

James Acaster's net worth is US $5 Million.

Who is James Acaster?

James William Acaster, born on January 9, 1985, is an English comedian known for his unique style of stand-up comedy, characterized by frequent callback jokes, offbeat observational humor, and the use of fictional characters. He gained prominence for his acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he has been nominated for Best Comedy Show a record-breaking five times.

Acaster’s stand-up specials include “Repertoire” and “Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999,” both of which received critical acclaim. He also co-hosts the popular food podcast “Off Menu” and the panel show “Hypothetical.”

In addition to his stand-up work, Acaster has ventured into writing. His books include “Classic Scrapes,” based on anecdotes shared on a radio show, “Perfect Sound Whatever,” which explores his mental health issues, and “Guide to Quitting Social Media,” a parody of self-help books.

Acaster has also made appearances on television, including as a guest on “Taskmaster” and co-hosting “Hypothetical” with Josh Widdicombe. He is known for his witty humor and unique storytelling approach, making him a beloved figure in the comedy world.

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How old is James Acaster?

James Acaster is 39 years old.

What is James Acaster Birthday?

James Acaster's birthday is 09/01/1985.

What is James Acaster Zodiac Sign?

James Acaster's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is James Acaster's Real Birth Name?

James Acaster's real birth name is James William Acaster.

Where is James Acaster's Birthplace?

James Acaster's birthplace is Kettering, England.

How Tall is James Acaster?

James Acaster height is 6'1'' (185.42 cm).

What is James Acaster Nationality?

James Acaster nationality is .

What are James Acaster's Professions?

James Acaster's professions are Comedian.

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