Jamie Whincup Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Jamie Whincup Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Jamie Whincup is a racing driver who was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 06/02/1983 and is now 40 years old. Jamie Whincup has a net worth of $4 Million.

What is Jamie Whincup Net Worth?

Jamie Whincup's net worth is 4 Million.

How old is Jamie Whincup?

Jamie Whincup is 40 years old.

What is Jamie Whincup Birthday?

Jamie Whincup's birthday is 06/02/1983.

What is Jamie Whincup Zodiac Sign?

Jamie Whincup's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

What is Jamie Whincup's Real Birth Name?

Jamie Whincup's real birth name is Jamie Whincup.

Where is Jamie Whincup's Birthplace?

Jamie Whincup's birthplace is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

How Tall is Jamie Whincup?

Jamie Whincup height is 5'9''.

What is Jamie Whincup Nationality?

Jamie Whincup nationality is .

What are Jamie Whincup's Professions?

Jamie Whincup's professions are Racing Driver.

Who is Jamie Whincup?

Jamie Whincup (born 6 February 1983) is an Australian professional racing driver competing in the Supercars Championship. He currently is team principal for Triple Eight Race Engineering. He has driven the No. 88 Holden ZB Commodore, won a record seven Supercars championship titles, four Bathurst 1000 victories, and a Bathurst 12 Hour victory. Whincup is the all-time record holder in the Supercars Championship for race wins, at 124 career wins. He is also the first driver to win the Jason Richards Memorial Trophy twice at Pukekohe Park Raceway in Auckland, New Zealand.

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