Jeff Yass

Jeff Yass is a business person who was born in United States. in 01/01/1956 and is now 68 years old. Jeff Yass has a net worth of $29 Billion.

What is Jeff Yass Net Worth?

Jeff Yass's net worth is US $29 Billion.

Who is Jeff Yass?

Jeffrey S. Yass (born 1956) is an American billionaire businessman. According to Forbes, Yass had a net worth of $28.5 billion in 2023.

He is the co-founder and managing director of the Philadelphia-based Susquehanna International Group (SIG) and an early investor in TikTok. In 2001, he joined the executive advisory council of the Cato Institute.

Yass is the richest man in Pennsylvania. As of February, he is the largest donor in the 2024 US election cycle, having donated $34 million to Republican groups and campaigns.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, he is a major supporter of Israeli right-wing think tanks


How old is Jeff Yass?

Jeff Yass is 68 years old.

What is Jeff Yass Birthday?

Jeff Yass's birthday is 01/01/1956.

What is Jeff Yass Zodiac Sign?

Jeff Yass's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Jeff Yass's Real Birth Name?

Jeff Yass's real birth name is Jeffrey S. Yass.

Where is Jeff Yass's Birthplace?

Jeff Yass's birthplace is United States..

How Tall is Jeff Yass?

Jeff Yass height is 5'9'' (175.26 cm).

What is Jeff Yass Nationality?

Jeff Yass nationality is .

What are Jeff Yass's Professions?

Jeff Yass's professions are Billionaire, Businessperson.

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