Jim Ratcliffe Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Jim Ratcliffe Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Jim Ratcliffe is a business person who was born in Failsworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester, England in 18/10/1952 and is now 71 years old. Jim Ratcliffe has a net worth of $30 Billion.

What is Jim Ratcliffe Net Worth?

Jim Ratcliffe's net worth is 30 Billion.

How old is Jim Ratcliffe?

Jim Ratcliffe is 71 years old.

What is Jim Ratcliffe Birthday?

Jim Ratcliffe's birthday is 18/10/1952.

What is Jim Ratcliffe Zodiac Sign?

Jim Ratcliffe's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Jim Ratcliffe's Real Birth Name?

Jim Ratcliffe's real birth name is Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe.

Where is Jim Ratcliffe's Birthplace?

Jim Ratcliffe's birthplace is Failsworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester, England.

How Tall is Jim Ratcliffe?

Jim Ratcliffe height is 6'1''.

What is Jim Ratcliffe Nationality?

Jim Ratcliffe nationality is .

What are Jim Ratcliffe's Professions?

Jim Ratcliffe's professions are Billionaire, Businessperson, Chemical Engineer.

Who is Jim Ratcliffe?

Jim Ratcliffe is a British billionaire, chemical engineer and businessman. Ratcliffe is the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the INEOS chemicals group, which he founded in 1998 and of which he still owns two-thirds. The company is estimated to have had a turnover of $65 billion in 2021.He does not have a high public profile, and was once described by The Sunday Times as “publicity shy”. In May 2018, Ratcliffe was the richest person in the UK, with a net worth of £21.05 billion.As of April 2020, Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimated his net worth at $28.2 billion, 55th richest in the world and second in the UK. In September 2020, Ratcliffe officially changed his tax residence from Hampshire to Monaco, a move that it is estimated will save him £4 billion in tax

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