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Jimmy Tarbuck Jimmy Tarbuck is a comedian who was born in Wavertree, Liverpool, England in 06/02/1940 and is now 82 years old. Jimmy Tarbuck has a net worth of $6 Million.

How old is Jimmy Tarbuck?

Jimmy Tarbuck is 82 years old.

What is Jimmy Tarbuck Net Worth?

Jimmy Tarbuck's net worth is $6 Million.

What is Jimmy Tarbuck Birthday?

Jimmy Tarbuck's birthday is 06/02/1940.

What is Jimmy Tarbuck Zodiac Sign?

Jimmy Tarbuck's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

What is Jimmy Tarbuck's Real Birth Name?

Jimmy Tarbuck's real birth name is James Joseph Tarbuck.

Where is Jimmy Tarbuck's Birthplace?

Jimmy Tarbuck's birthplace is Wavertree, Liverpool, England.

How Tall is Jimmy Tarbuck?

Jimmy Tarbuck height is 5'7''.

What is Jimmy Tarbuck Nationality?

Jimmy Tarbuck nationality is .

What are Jimmy Tarbuck's Professions?

Jimmy Tarbuck's professions are Actor, Comedian, Presenter.

Who is Jimmy Tarbuck?

Jimmy Tarbuck OBE is an English comedian, singer, actor, entertainer and game show host. He was a host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium in the mid-1960s, and hosted numerous game shows and quiz shows on ITV during the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. He is also known for leading ITV's Live From Her Majesty's and its subsequent incarnations during the 1980s. Actress and television and radio presenter Liza Tarbuck is his daughter.

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