Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard is an athlete who was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. in 07/02/1973 and is now 51 years old. Juwan Howard has a net worth of $80 Million.

What is Juwan Howard Net Worth?

Juwan Howard's net worth is US $80 Million.

Who is Juwan Howard?

Juwan Antonio Howard, born on February 7, 1973, is a retired American professional basketball player and former head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s team, a position he held from 2019 to 2024.

Howard began his NBA career as the fifth overall pick in the 1994 NBA draft, selected by the Washington Bullets. Before his professional career, he gained recognition as an All-American center and honors student at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. He later starred as part of the Fab Five recruiting class of 1991 at the University of Michigan, alongside Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. The Fab Five reached the NCAA tournament finals in 1992 and 1993.

Despite NCAA rules violations within the program, Howard’s personal accomplishments during his collegiate career remain recognized. Following his time at Michigan, he embarked on a successful NBA career, becoming the first player to sign a $100 million contract. Howard achieved multiple accolades throughout his career, including All-Star and All-NBA honors.

After retiring as a player in 2013, Howard transitioned into coaching, joining the Miami Heat organization as an assistant coach. He later returned to Michigan as the head coach in 2019. In the 2020–21 season, Howard earned several coaching awards, including AP National Coach of the Year and Big Ten Coach of the Year. He also became the first coach to earn a No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament as both a player and coach, further solidifying his legacy in basketball.

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How old is Juwan Howard?

Juwan Howard is 51 years old.

What is Juwan Howard Birthday?

Juwan Howard's birthday is 07/02/1973.

What is Juwan Howard Zodiac Sign?

Juwan Howard's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

What is Juwan Howard's Real Birth Name?

Juwan Howard's real birth name is Juwan Antonio Howard.

Where is Juwan Howard's Birthplace?

Juwan Howard's birthplace is Chicago, Illinois, U.S..

How Tall is Juwan Howard?

Juwan Howard height is 6'9'' (205.74 cm).

What is Juwan Howard Nationality?

Juwan Howard nationality is .

What are Juwan Howard's Professions?

Juwan Howard's professions are Former Professional Basketball Player.

Who is Juwan Howard's Spouse(s)?

Jenine Wardally

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