Katie Linendoll Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Katie Linendoll Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Katie Linendoll is a TV person who was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 07/09/1982 and is now 41 years old. Katie Linendoll has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Katie Linendoll Net Worth?

Katie Linendoll's net worth is 5 Million.

How old is Katie Linendoll?

Katie Linendoll is 41 years old.

What is Katie Linendoll Birthday?

Katie Linendoll's birthday is 07/09/1982.

What is Katie Linendoll Zodiac Sign?

Katie Linendoll's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Katie Linendoll's Real Birth Name?

Katie Linendoll's real birth name is Katie Linendoll.

Where is Katie Linendoll's Birthplace?

Katie Linendoll's birthplace is Erie, Pennsylvania.

How Tall is Katie Linendoll?

Katie Linendoll height is 5'1''.

What is Katie Linendoll Nationality?

Katie Linendoll nationality is .

What are Katie Linendoll's Professions?

Katie Linendoll's professions are Journalist, Singer, Television Personality.

Who is Katie Linendoll?

Katie Linendoll is an American television personality, speaker, journalist, singer, consumer technology expert, and one of the leading women in the field of technology.

As one of the most in-demand technology experts worldwide, Linendoll is recognized by a wide-range of audiences for her reporting and frequent appearances as an expert contributor for major media outlets including NBC’s Today show, The Rachael Ray Show, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and numerous other shows on The Weather Channel, CBS Sports Radio, and SiriusXM.

Previously, Linendoll contributed regularly to the CBS Early Show, and The Nate Berkus Show, Popular Science, ESPN, ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. She was the co-host of the A&E reality series We Mean Business and a regular for two years on HSN where she focused on the electronics and technology-related market. Linendoll also hosted the show All Access Weekly on Spike TV, featuring tech, gaming and comics.

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