Louise Ransome Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Louise Ransome Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Louise Ransome is a journalist who was born in Sydney, Australia in 01/01/1990 and is now 33 years old. Louise Ransome has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Louise Ransome Net Worth?

Louise Ransome's net worth is 1 Million.

How old is Louise Ransome?

Louise Ransome is 33 years old.

What is Louise Ransome Birthday?

Louise Ransome's birthday is 01/01/1990.

What is Louise Ransome Zodiac Sign?

Louise Ransome's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Louise Ransome's Real Birth Name?

Louise Ransome's real birth name is Louise Ransome.

Where is Louise Ransome's Birthplace?

Louise Ransome's birthplace is Sydney, Australia.

How Tall is Louise Ransome?

Louise Ransome height is 5'6''.

What is Louise Ransome Nationality?

Louise Ransome nationality is .

What are Louise Ransome's Professions?

Louise Ransome's professions are News Reporter, Sports Journalist.

Who is Louise Ransome?

Louise Ransome is an exceptional Australian sports reporter, news presenter, and producer. She has gained recognition for her outstanding work in the field. Previously associated with Fox Star-News until 2020, Louise currently holds the position of a sports presenter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). She is highly regarded for her contributions as a co-host of NRL and her reporting on The Golf Show.

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