Mete Gazoz Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Mete Gazoz Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Mete Gazoz is an athlete who was born in İstanbul, Türkiye in 08/06/1999 and is now 24 years old. Mete Gazoz has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Mete Gazoz Net Worth?

Mete Gazoz's net worth is 5 Million.

How old is Mete Gazoz?

Mete Gazoz is 24 years old.

What is Mete Gazoz Birthday?

Mete Gazoz's birthday is 08/06/1999.

What is Mete Gazoz Zodiac Sign?

Mete Gazoz's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Mete Gazoz's Real Birth Name?

Mete Gazoz's real birth name is Mete Gazoz.

Where is Mete Gazoz's Birthplace?

Mete Gazoz's birthplace is İstanbul, Türkiye.

How Tall is Mete Gazoz?

Mete Gazoz height is 5'10''.

What is Mete Gazoz Nationality?

Mete Gazoz nationality is .

What are Mete Gazoz's Professions?

Mete Gazoz's professions are Recurve Archer.

Who is Mete Gazoz?

Mete Gazoz (born 8 June 1999 in Istanbul) is a Turkish recurve archer. He won the gold medal in the men’s individual event at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. He also represented Turkey at the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the 2023 World Archery Championships held in Berlin, Mete Gazoz emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious Individual title. In an intense final, he triumphed over the skilled Canadian archer Eric Peters (archer), securing his place as the first Turkish archer to achieve the esteemed recurve gold medal in a World Championship.

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