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Nadine Coyle Age Net Worth Height

Nadine Coyle Nadine Coyle is a musician who was born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 15/06/1985 and is now 37 years old. Nadine Coyle has a net worth of $15 Million.

How old is Nadine Coyle?

Nadine Coyle is 37 years old.

What is Nadine Coyle Net Worth?

Nadine Coyle's net worth is $15 Million.

What is Nadine Coyle Birthday?

Nadine Coyle's birthday is 15/06/1985.

What is Nadine Coyle Zodiac Sign?

Nadine Coyle's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Nadine Coyle's Real Birth Name?

Nadine Coyle's real birth name is Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle.

Where is Nadine Coyle's Birthplace?

Nadine Coyle's birthplace is Derry, Northern Ireland.

How Tall is Nadine Coyle?

Nadine Coyle height is 5'5''.

What is Nadine Coyle Nationality?

Nadine Coyle nationality is .

What are Nadine Coyle's Professions?

Nadine Coyle's professions are Actress, Model, Singer.

Who is Nadine Coyle's Partner(s)?

Jason Bell

Who is Nadine Coyle?

Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle is an Irish singer, actress and model. In 2002, Coyle was selected as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud, with whom she has been successful in achieving a string of 20 consecutive UK top ten singles (including four number ones), two UK number one albums, five consecutive platinum selling studio albums and received nominations for five BRIT Awards, winning Best Single in 2009 for "The Promise". Coyle released her debut solo album Insatiable and its title track was released on 8 November 2010 through her own label, Black Pen Records, in partnership with supermarket giant Tesco. In late 2017, she released her new single "Go to Work" on Virgin EMI Records. The single charted at number 57 on the Official Singles Sales Chart, and at number 52 on the Scottish Singles Chart. Coyle released her Nadine EP the same year, reaching number 1 on iTunes chart. In 2019, her single "Fool for Love" was released under Xenomania. In 2020, her single "All That I Know" was released, which reached 62 on the Official UK Charts.

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