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Oli Bell Age Net Worth Height

Oli Bell Oli Bell is a TV person who was born in Glastonbury, England in 28/04/1987 and is now 35 years old. Oli Bell has a net worth of $1 Million.

How old is Oli Bell?

Oli Bell is 35 years old.

What is Oli Bell Net Worth?

Oli Bell's net worth is $1 Million.

What is Oli Bell Birthday?

Oli Bell's birthday is 28/04/1987.

What is Oli Bell Zodiac Sign?

Oli Bell's zodiac sign is Taurus.

What is Oli Bell's Real Birth Name?

Oli Bell's real birth name is Oli Bell.

Where is Oli Bell's Birthplace?

Oli Bell's birthplace is Glastonbury, England.

How Tall is Oli Bell?

Oli Bell height is 5'8''.

What is Oli Bell Nationality?

Oli Bell nationality is .

What are Oli Bell's Professions?

Oli Bell's professions are Television presenter.

Who is Oli Bell?

Oli Bell is a famous TV presenter and host, recognized for the ITV Racing TV show. He is extensively well-known amongst horse racing enthusiasts as he's continually the presenter of the hole show. This article consists of data approximately Oli Bell biography, age, gender, career, relationship, marital status, social media handles, and different data approximately him

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