Pierre Omidyar Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Pierre Omidyar Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Pierre Omidyar is a business person who was born in Paris, France in 21/06/1967 and is now 56 years old. Pierre Omidyar has a net worth of $8.7 Billion.

What is Pierre Omidyar Net Worth?

Pierre Omidyar's net worth is 8.7 Billion.

How old is Pierre Omidyar?

Pierre Omidyar is 56 years old.

What is Pierre Omidyar Birthday?

Pierre Omidyar's birthday is 21/06/1967.

What is Pierre Omidyar Zodiac Sign?

Pierre Omidyar's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Pierre Omidyar's Real Birth Name?

Pierre Omidyar's real birth name is Parviz Morad Omidyar.

Where is Pierre Omidyar's Birthplace?

Pierre Omidyar's birthplace is Paris, France.

How Tall is Pierre Omidyar?

Pierre Omidyar height is 5'8'' (172.72 cm).

What is Pierre Omidyar Nationality?

Pierre Omidyar nationality is , , .

What are Pierre Omidyar's Professions?

Pierre Omidyar's professions are Billionaire.

Who is Pierre Omidyar's Spouse(s)?

Pamela Kerr

Who is Pierre Omidyar?

Pierre Morad Omidyar is a French-born Iranian-American billionaire. A technology entrepreneur, software engineer, and philanthropist,he is the founder of eBay, where he served as chairman from 1998 to 2015. Omidyar and his wife Pamela founded Omidyar Network in 2004. As of 2023, Forbes ranked Omidyar as the 245th-richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $8.7 billion.

Omidyar is a long-term Democratic Party donor. Since 2010, he has been involved in online journalism as the head of investigative reporting and public affairs news service Honolulu Civil Beat. In 2013, he announced that he would create and finance First Look Media, a journalism venture to include Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill.

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