Piyush Chawla

Piyush Chawla is an athlete who was born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India in 24/12/1988 and is now 36 years old. Piyush Chawla has a net worth of $10 Million.

What is Piyush Chawla Net Worth?

Piyush Chawla's net worth is US $10 Million.

Who is Piyush Chawla?

Piyush Chawla, born on December 24, 1988, is an esteemed Indian cricketer renowned for his contributions to the sport. Throughout his career, Chawla has showcased his talent and versatility, representing various teams at both the national and domestic levels.

Hailing from Moradabad, Chawla honed his cricketing skills during his formative years at Sonakpur Stadium under the guidance of his first coach, Mr. KK Gautam. He attended Wilsonia College for his schooling, where he continued to excel in the sport.

Chawla’s cricketing journey has been marked by numerous accomplishments, including representing the India under-19 team and the Central Zone. He is widely regarded as a leg-spinning all-rounder in domestic cricket, demonstrating proficiency both with the ball and the bat.

One of the highlights of Chawla’s career came as a member of the Indian national team, where he played a pivotal role in securing victories in major tournaments. He was part of the historic Indian squad that clinched both the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 Cricket World Cup, solidifying his reputation as a valuable asset to the team.

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How old is Piyush Chawla?

Piyush Chawla is 36 years old.

What is Piyush Chawla Birthday?

Piyush Chawla's birthday is 24/12/1988.

What is Piyush Chawla Zodiac Sign?

Piyush Chawla's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Piyush Chawla's Real Birth Name?

Piyush Chawla's real birth name is Piyush Chawla.

Where is Piyush Chawla's Birthplace?

Piyush Chawla's birthplace is Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

How Tall is Piyush Chawla?

Piyush Chawla height is 5'7'' (170.18 cm).

What is Piyush Chawla Nationality?

Piyush Chawla nationality is .

What are Piyush Chawla's Professions?

Piyush Chawla's professions are Cricket Player.

Who is Piyush Chawla's Spouse(s)?

Anubhuti Chauhan (m. 2013)

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