Pooh Shiesty Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Pooh Shiesty is a musician who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. in 08/11/1999 and is now 24 years old. Pooh Shiesty has a net worth of $2 Million.

What is Pooh Shiesty Net Worth?

Pooh Shiesty's net worth is 2 Million.

How old is Pooh Shiesty?

Pooh Shiesty is 24 years old.

What is Pooh Shiesty Birthday?

Pooh Shiesty's birthday is 08/11/1999.

What is Pooh Shiesty Zodiac Sign?

Pooh Shiesty's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Pooh Shiesty's Real Birth Name?

Pooh Shiesty's real birth name is Lontrell Donell Williams, Jr. .

Where is Pooh Shiesty's Birthplace?

Pooh Shiesty's birthplace is Memphis, Tennessee, U.S..

How Tall is Pooh Shiesty?

Pooh Shiesty height is 5'8''.

What is Pooh Shiesty Nationality?

Pooh Shiesty nationality is .

What are Pooh Shiesty's Professions?

Pooh Shiesty's professions are Rapper, Singer, Songwriter.

Who is Pooh Shiesty?

Lontrell Donell Williams, Jr. (born November 8, 1999), better known by his stage name Pooh Shiesty, is an American rapper. He is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records and Atlantic Records. He rose to fame in 2020 from his collaborations with the rapper and other artists within the label. He is perhaps best known for his 2020 single, “Back in Blood” featuring Lil Durk.Pooh Shiesty released his debut commercial mixtape, Shiesty Season, on February 5, 2021, which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200. His stage name was given by his late brother, and it comes from his childhood nickname “Mr. Pooh”, and the name “Shiesty”, referring to his lifestyle.

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