Raj Anadkat

Raj Anadkat is an actor who was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in 07/11/1996 and is now 28 years old. Raj Anadkat has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Raj Anadkat Net Worth?

Raj Anadkat's net worth is US $1 Million.

Who is Raj Anadkat?

Raj Anadkat, born on November 7, 1996, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is an actor recognized for his roles in various television shows. He is best known for his performances in “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” (2008), “Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka” (2016), and “Oye Jassie” (2013). Anadkat has showcased his acting prowess across different genres, earning him acclaim in the Indian entertainment industry.


How old is Raj Anadkat?

Raj Anadkat is 28 years old.

What is Raj Anadkat Birthday?

Raj Anadkat's birthday is 07/11/1996.

What is Raj Anadkat Zodiac Sign?

Raj Anadkat's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Raj Anadkat's Real Birth Name?

Raj Anadkat's real birth name is Raj Anadkat.

Where is Raj Anadkat's Birthplace?

Raj Anadkat's birthplace is Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

How Tall is Raj Anadkat?

Raj Anadkat height is 5'11'' (180.34 cm).

What is Raj Anadkat Nationality?

Raj Anadkat nationality is .

What are Raj Anadkat's Professions?

Raj Anadkat's professions are Actor.

Who is Raj Anadkat's Partner(s)?

Munmun Dutta

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