Rob Deering

Rob Deering is a comedian who was born in London, England in 01/01/1972 and is now 52 years old. Rob Deering has a net worth of $2 Million.

What is Rob Deering Net Worth?

Rob Deering's net worth is US $2 Million.

Who is Rob Deering?

Rob Deering, born in 1972, is a versatile English entertainer known for his talents as a comedian, musician, and writer. Raised in London and Oxfordshire, he currently resides in London with his wife Julia and their children. Deering’s passion for running is evident through his participation in numerous marathons, including five London Marathons. Notably, he has raised nearly £100,000 for Parkinson’s UK through his running endeavors, showcasing his commitment to charitable causes alongside his creative pursuits.


How old is Rob Deering?

Rob Deering is 52 years old.

What is Rob Deering Birthday?

Rob Deering's birthday is 01/01/1972.

What is Rob Deering Zodiac Sign?

Rob Deering's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Rob Deering's Real Birth Name?

Rob Deering's real birth name is Rob Deering.

Where is Rob Deering's Birthplace?

Rob Deering's birthplace is London, England.

How Tall is Rob Deering?

Rob Deering height is 5'8'' (172.72 cm).

What is Rob Deering Nationality?

Rob Deering nationality is .

What are Rob Deering's Professions?

Rob Deering's professions are Comedian, Musician, Writer.

Who is Rob Deering's Spouse(s)?


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