Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker is an athlete who was born in Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand in 20/12/1990 and is now 34 years old. Robert Whittaker has a net worth of $4 Million.

What is Robert Whittaker Net Worth?

Robert Whittaker's net worth is US $4 Million.

Who is Robert Whittaker?

Robert John Whittaker (born 20 December 1990) is a New Zealand-born Australian professional mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the Middleweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is a former UFC Middleweight Champion. A professional MMA competitor since 2009, Whittaker was a contestant on the first series of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes and won the welterweight tournament.Whittaker became interim middleweight champion after winning the title at UFC 213; he was promoted to undisputed champion after Georges St-Pierre vacated the UFC Middleweight Championship in 2017. As of September 12, 2023, he is #3 in the UFC middleweight rankings.


How old is Robert Whittaker?

Robert Whittaker is 34 years old.

What is Robert Whittaker Birthday?

Robert Whittaker's birthday is 20/12/1990.

What is Robert Whittaker Zodiac Sign?

Robert Whittaker's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What is Robert Whittaker's Real Birth Name?

Robert Whittaker's real birth name is Robert John Whittaker.

Where is Robert Whittaker's Birthplace?

Robert Whittaker's birthplace is Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand.

How Tall is Robert Whittaker?

Robert Whittaker height is 6'0'' (182.88 cm).

What is Robert Whittaker Nationality?

Robert Whittaker nationality is .

What are Robert Whittaker's Professions?

Robert Whittaker's professions are Mixed Martial Artist.

Who is Robert Whittaker's Spouse(s)?

Sofia Whittaker

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