Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin is an actor who was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 27/06/1986 and is now 38 years old. Sam Claflin has a net worth of $9 Million.

What is Sam Claflin Net Worth?

Sam Claflin's net worth is 9 Million.

How old is Sam Claflin?

Sam Claflin is 38 years old.

What is Sam Claflin Birthday?

Sam Claflin's birthday is 27/06/1986.

What is Sam Claflin Zodiac Sign?

Sam Claflin's zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is Sam Claflin's Real Birth Name?

Sam Claflin's real birth name is Samuel George Claflin.

Where is Sam Claflin's Birthplace?

Sam Claflin's birthplace is Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

How Tall is Sam Claflin?

Sam Claflin height is 5'11'' (180.34 cm).

What is Sam Claflin Nationality?

Sam Claflin nationality is .

What are Sam Claflin's Professions?

Sam Claflin's professions are Actor.

Who is Sam Claflin's Spouse(s)?

Laura Haddock ​(m. 2013; sep. 2019)

Who is Sam Claflin?

Samuel George Claflin (/ˈklæflɪn/; born 27 June 1986) is a British actor. After graduating from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2009, he began his acting career on television and had his first film role as Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011).

Claflin gained wider recognition for playing Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games film series (2013–2015) and for his starring role in the romantic film Me Before You (2016). He has since starred in the films Adrift (2018) and The Nightingale (2018), and portrayed Oswald Mosley in the television series Peaky Blinders (2019–2022), Mycroft Holmes in the mystery film Enola Holmes (2020), Billy Dunne in the musical drama series Daisy Jones & the Six (2023).

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