Sana Javed

Sana Javed is an actress who was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 06/06/1993 and is now 31 years old. Sana Javed has a net worth of $10 Million.

What is Sana Javed Net Worth?

Sana Javed's net worth is 10 Million.

How old is Sana Javed?

Sana Javed is 31 years old.

What is Sana Javed Birthday?

Sana Javed's birthday is 06/06/1993.

What is Sana Javed Zodiac Sign?

Sana Javed's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Sana Javed's Real Birth Name?

Sana Javed's real birth name is Sana Malik.

Where is Sana Javed's Birthplace?

Sana Javed's birthplace is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

How Tall is Sana Javed?

Sana Javed height is 5'7'' (170.18 cm).

What is Sana Javed Nationality?

Sana Javed nationality is .

What are Sana Javed's Professions?

Sana Javed's professions are Actress, Television Personality.

Who is Sana Javed's Spouse(s)?

Umair Jaswal​(m. 2020; div. 2023)
Shoaib Malik ​(m. 2024)

Who is Sana Javed?

Sana Malik (Urdu: ثنا جاوید, born 6 June 1993) is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu television. She made her debut in 2012 with Shehr-e-Zaat and later on appeared in several serials. She received recognition after portraying the titular role in the romantic drama Khaani for which she received a nomination at the Lux Style Awards. Javed gained praise for her social based dramas Ruswai and Dunk and the former earned her the PISA Award for Best Actress Critics.

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