Shazia Mirza

Shazia Mirza is a comedian who was born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England in 13/01/1975 and is now 49 years old. Shazia Mirza has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Shazia Mirza Net Worth?

Shazia Mirza's net worth is US $5 Million.

Who is Shazia Mirza?

Shazia Mirza is a British comedian, actress, and writer. She is best known for her stand-up comedy, and her articles in British newspapers The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.


How old is Shazia Mirza?

Shazia Mirza is 49 years old.

What is Shazia Mirza Birthday?

Shazia Mirza's birthday is 13/01/1975.

What is Shazia Mirza Zodiac Sign?

Shazia Mirza's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Shazia Mirza's Real Birth Name?

Shazia Mirza's real birth name is Shazia Mirza.

Where is Shazia Mirza's Birthplace?

Shazia Mirza's birthplace is Birmingham, West Midlands, England.

How Tall is Shazia Mirza?

Shazia Mirza height is 5'6'' (167.64 cm).

What is Shazia Mirza Nationality?

Shazia Mirza nationality is .

What are Shazia Mirza's Professions?

Shazia Mirza's professions are Actress, Comedian, Writer.

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