Tara Elders

Tara Elders is an actress who was born in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands in 17/01/1980 and is now 44 years old. Tara Elders has a net worth of $3 Million.

What is Tara Elders Net Worth?

Tara Elders's net worth is US $3 Million.

Who is Tara Elders?

Tara Johanna Elders (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtaːraː joːˈɦɑnaː ˈʔɛldərs]; born 17 January 1980) is a Dutch actress. She has been in Dutch films and TV series. She also was in the American film Interview (2007).


How old is Tara Elders?

Tara Elders is 44 years old.

What is Tara Elders Birthday?

Tara Elders's birthday is 17/01/1980.

What is Tara Elders Zodiac Sign?

Tara Elders's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Tara Elders's Real Birth Name?

Tara Elders's real birth name is Tara Johanna Elders .

Where is Tara Elders's Birthplace?

Tara Elders's birthplace is Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

How Tall is Tara Elders?

Tara Elders height is 5'4'' (162.56 cm).

What is Tara Elders Nationality?

Tara Elders nationality is .

What are Tara Elders's Professions?

Tara Elders's professions are Actress.

Who is Tara Elders's Spouse(s)?

Michiel Huisman ​(m. 2008)

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