Tijana Bošković Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Tijana Bošković Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Tijana Bošković is an athlete who was born in Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 08/03/1997 and is now 26 years old. Tijana Bošković has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Tijana Bošković Net Worth?

Tijana Bošković's net worth is 5 Million.

How old is Tijana Bošković?

Tijana Bošković is 26 years old.

What is Tijana Bošković Birthday?

Tijana Bošković's birthday is 08/03/1997.

What is Tijana Bošković Zodiac Sign?

Tijana Bošković's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Tijana Bošković's Real Birth Name?

Tijana Bošković's real birth name is Tijana Bošković .

Where is Tijana Bošković's Birthplace?

Tijana Bošković's birthplace is Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How Tall is Tijana Bošković?

Tijana Bošković height is 6'4'' (193.04 cm).

What is Tijana Bošković Nationality?

Tijana Bošković nationality is .

What are Tijana Bošković's Professions?

Tijana Bošković's professions are Volleyball Player.

Who is Tijana Bošković?

Tijana Bošković (Serbian Cyrillic: Тијана Бошковић; born 8 March 1997) is a Serbian professional volleyball player of the Serbia women’s national volleyball team. She has won gold medals with the national team at the 2018 and 2022 World Championships, and the 2017 and 2019 European Championships. She is also a two-time Olympic medalist, having won silver at the 2016 Rio Games and bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Bošković is left-handed and has been one of Serbia’s key players ever since her debut with the national team in 2014. By the age of 21, she had already played in gold medal matches in all major tournaments (Olympic Games, World Championship and European Championship) and she was one of the players who has contributed a lot of winning points for Serbia.

Being selected as the 2019 European Volleyball Confederation Female Volleyball Player of the Year award, Bošković has recorded an impressive achievement by receiving that award for three consecutive years (2017,2018,2019).

She currently holds women’s world record for serve speed of 111.4km/h.

During Eczacıbaşı Dynavit–Imoco Volley Conegliano match at the 2022 FIVB Club World Championship, Bošković broke her own record for spike speed, hitting a ball at 110.9km/h. This puts her in second place for the fastest spike in women’s volleyball history, tied with Annie Drews, just behind Paola Egonu.

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