Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is a TV person who was born in Washington, D.C., U.S. in 29/07/1953 and is now 71 years old. Tim Gunn has a net worth of $20 Million.

What is Tim Gunn Net Worth?

Tim Gunn's net worth is 20 Million.

How old is Tim Gunn?

Tim Gunn is 71 years old.

What is Tim Gunn Birthday?

Tim Gunn's birthday is 29/07/1953.

What is Tim Gunn Zodiac Sign?

Tim Gunn's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Tim Gunn's Real Birth Name?

Tim Gunn's real birth name is Timothy MacKenzie Gunn.

Where is Tim Gunn's Birthplace?

Tim Gunn's birthplace is Washington, D.C., U.S..

How Tall is Tim Gunn?

Tim Gunn height is 5'11'' (180.34 cm).

What is Tim Gunn Nationality?

Tim Gunn nationality is .

What are Tim Gunn's Professions?

Tim Gunn's professions are Academic, Author, Television Personality.

Who is Tim Gunn?

Timothy MacKenzie Gunn (born July 29, 1953) is an American author, academic, and television personality. He served on the faculty of Parsons School of Design from 1982 to 2007 and was chair of fashion design at the school from August 2000 to March 2007, after which he joined Liz Claiborne (now Kate Spade & Company) as its chief creative officer. Over 16 seasons, Gunn has become well known as the on-air mentor to designers on the reality television program Project Runway. Gunn’s popularity on Project Runway led to two spin-off shows; Bravo’s Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and Lifetime’s Under the Gunn, as well as five books. In addition to being an executive producer, Gunn has served as mentor for the teen designers on Project Runway: Junior. He also provides the voice of Baileywick, the castle steward in the Disney Junior television show Sofia the First and narrated the sitcom Mixology.

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