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Todd McKenney Todd McKenney is a TV person who was born in Perth, Western Australia, Australia in 31/03/1965 and is now 57 years old. Todd McKenney has a net worth of $6 Million.

How old is Todd McKenney?

Todd McKenney is 57 years old.

What is Todd McKenney Net Worth?

Todd McKenney's net worth is $6 Million.

What is Todd McKenney Birthday?

Todd McKenney's birthday is 31/03/1965.

What is Todd McKenney Zodiac Sign?

Todd McKenney's zodiac sign is Aries.

What is Todd McKenney's Real Birth Name?

Todd McKenney's real birth name is Todd McKenney.

Where is Todd McKenney's Birthplace?

Todd McKenney's birthplace is Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

How Tall is Todd McKenney?

Todd McKenney height is 6'2''.

What is Todd McKenney Nationality?

Todd McKenney nationality is .

What are Todd McKenney's Professions?

Todd McKenney's professions are Dancer, TV Person.

Who is Todd McKenney?

Todd McKenney is an Australian dancer, theatre performer and TV personality. He is best known as a judge on Australian television talent show Dancing with the Stars. As a theatre performer, he has appeared in numerous productions, but is most renowned for his portrayal of singer Peter Allen in the theatre production The Boy from Oz. McKenney is openly gay. He has a daughter (who was conceived via IVF), Charlotte Wood, who lives in Melbourne with her mother, Anne Wood McKenney has said his first girlfriend, at twelve years of age, was dancer and presenter Sonia Kruger. He is a student of Auslan sign language and has worked within the deaf community all around Australia. Todd is also a keen supporter of The Grace Centre For Newborn Intensive Care at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Another of Todd’s passions is his greyhounds and for the past four years he has been the face of the Greyhounds As Pets National Adoption Day, and more recently a GAP NSW Ambassador. During the Covid 19 Pandemic beginning in 2019, Todd McKenney launched a website, Todd Creates, in order for members of the theatrical and entertainment communities to pivot their skills in order to make face masks and continue to earn an income while all theatres were closed. He then forged a partnership with Everyday Market From Woolworths in order for small-medium-sized Australian businesses to have a space to sell their products on the new marketplace, offering an unprecedented opportunity for these businesses to grow. On April 7, 2017, he was banned from driving for three months and fined $375 with a charge relating to drink-driving.He was pulled over on George St in Sydney's CBD at 10.50pm on March 7, after police noticed the headlights of his car were off. He was breath-tested and blew a reading of 0.05. In 2019, while speaking on a Melbourne LGBTQI+ podcast, McKenney revealed he had been in a relationship with his sister's husband, Simon Gallaher, prior to their marriage: "She married my ex-boyfriend and is still married to my ex-boyfriend but just has never mentioned it to me. It's weird isn't it? I don't think I've ever spoken about it publicly".

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