Yung Filly

Yung Filly Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Yung Filly is a musician who was born in Cali, Colombia in 06/08/1995 and is now 28 years old. Yung Filly has a net worth of $2 Million.

How old is Yung Filly?

Yung Filly is 28 years old.

What is Yung Filly Net Worth?

Yung Filly's net worth is $2 Million.

What is Yung Filly Birthday?

Yung Filly's birthday is 06/08/1995.

What is Yung Filly Zodiac Sign?

Yung Filly's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Yung Filly's Real Birth Name?

Yung Filly's real birth name is Andres Felipé Barrientos.

Where is Yung Filly's Birthplace?

Yung Filly's birthplace is Cali, Colombia.

How Tall is Yung Filly?

Yung Filly height is 6'2''.

What is Yung Filly Nationality?

Yung Filly nationality is .

What are Yung Filly's Professions?

Yung Filly's professions are Musician, YouTuber.

Who is Yung Filly?

Andres Felipé Barrientos , known professionally as Yung Filly, is a British YouTuber and musician. Born in Colombia and later moving to the UK, he began his YouTube career in 2013, starting a music career in 2017. Beginning in 2018, he appeared on numerous shows, several of which he hosted.

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